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Questions on Spring 2004 Milestone 3

For Milestone 5:
Seth Horrigan

The websites you use will be a static choice you make from a list that we will provide. (Letting the user specify them dynamically would give you a really tough parsing job!) Rich LeBlanc

no. we're not requiring that you import family information. -ellie

I got a question recently on how to save information that is entered in a text area for comments (a.k.a. description). This is a little hidden in ECoDE because I wanted to be consistent with the way Squeak works in a browser window (using the submit key-combination = "alt-s" on windows). In retrospect, I should have also supported the warning message when you close the window in addition to a "save" button on the screen for visual users. Please take this as a learning experience for your own projects and forgive me for a less-than-perfect UI in this respect.

Thank you for your patience,

These are really questions about Milestone 4, but we need the answers for Milestone 3.
The Milestone says

yes, basically you need to continue to allow the user to do what they could in M2. the "displayed family" is whatever family is being graphically represented as described in the requirement you cite below. -ellie

one level of children. i don't know where the descendents term is that's confusing to you, but yes, one level of children. so here's a crude picture to demonstrate the level requirement (please note that this does not mean ascii art is ok for your interface, nor does this supercede any other requirements about a way to display multiple spouses, marriage information, etc. it is purely a representation of which generations of people are required)

| grandpa
selected individual——–|
child1–| | |
|————| | grandma
child2–| | dad——–|
spouse grandpa

there is no set limit to the number of children a person may have. you have to have some way to display all of them. my suggestion would be to make sure there's enough room to show at least 8-10 children at a time, and provide a way for cycling through other children if they exist -ellie

Seth Horrigan

How are we supposed to make up the EcODe design without the 6th milestone be specified? Is it going to be posted sometime soon?

Also, are the other milestones in their final version for us to make up our design, or should we wait for final updates?

Seth Horrigan

well.. that is a very good question. i believe that milestones 3-5 are in their final versions, i do not know about milestone 6. i'll try to get in touch with prof. leblanc and let you know when i know what's going on. -ellie

ok, they're all up. sorry for the delay. -ellie>ellie harmon

I was just planning on playing around with the animated mouse in squeak. Do you know the squeak classes that control it, or have examples of people who have fiddled with it?


try inspecting the mouse. right/middle (its command-click on a mac, im not sure for others) to get the halo over the morph. then choose the grey halo button (looks like it has a wrench on it, the pop-up says "debug"), then choose to inspect or explore the morph from the menu that comes up. you can find out what kind of object it is, what is its parent object, etc. and then look up those classes in the browser to see how they work. i don't know of anyone in particular who has played around with it-ellie>ellie harmon

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