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Questions on Spring 2004 Milestone 2

Is there a way to make a button close a window? like the "okay" button... i cant seem to find it anywhere but it seems it would have to exist.
Katrina Pickett

Do we need to be able to add a child to multiple families? E.G. adoption.
Seth Horrigan

no, genealogy just maps blood relations, heritage. -ellie

Is there any way to escape the ' character so that we can have a possessive in a string. For example, specify 'A person's name', without having to say 'A person', <make a string consisting of '>, 's name'.
Seth Horrigan

Yes. '' will be interpreted as the character ' rather than two string delimiters. For your example, it would be 'A person''s name'. (Note: that's two single quotes, not a double quote) -Douglas Miller

Is there a prefered way for us to turn in CRC cards? Paper, PDF? etc? Tainted Kernel

however you prefer is probably ok. a lot of students make copies of their cards & turn these in in class; another popular method is to scan the cards & turn this in on the coweb. people who like to give themselves extra work type their cards into the computer & turn these in either printed out in class, or on the coweb... simmilarly for scenarios and uml diagrams. keep in mind if you want to submit things electronically on the coweb, we (the ta's) prefer file formats that we can open on our computers at home for free & without too much of a hassle... ex. pdfs, text files, gifs, jpegs are good; ms word, visio files are not so good. thanks :) -ellie

The milestone says:
"As you implement these checks, be sure that you do so in as general a way as possible. You get to decide just when to apply them within this Milestone, but future Milestones may require that you invoke them in a particular way."

    Could you elaborate on what is meant by this? It seems that the restrictions are pretty straightforward, so is this referring to when we actually do the checks, or referring to what action a failure results in, or something completely different?

Seth Horrigan

yes, what's up to you are the specifics on how to implement the checks, where/when/how they are invoked. what happens when a check fails is also up to you. do you prompt the user for different information? if so, do you allow them to save as is, or force a change that complies? do you re-check the change immediately? do you just print a list of whats wrong? etc. we want you to think about these (and more) questions w.r.t. design and implementation. what makes more sense for the users? what is a better design? etc. you should also keep in mind that these checks will be maintained in future milestones (and more will be added), so it is to your advantage (as in the ui question below) to try to incorporate them into your program in such a way that modifications to the when/where in the code they are invoked will be easy. try to start thinking about where to draw the lines for what should be a class vs. a method vs. code within a method, and how the interactions between classes play a role in the ability to abstract pieces of the project as a whole. what things belong together, and what should be separated. you'll talk more about this in class as the semester progresses & this is why we ask you to use tools like scenarios, CRC cards, and UML class diagrams to guide your design and implementation. i got a bit long-winded there, but does that clarify the requirements, what we're wanting/expecting? -ellie

Should the UI for this Milestone be in its "final form", so to speak, or is this mostly just to get us working with user interfaces in Squeak? We don't really know what we will need to do later on with the interface (i.e., show the families in tree format), so are you essentially just asking that we display a list of the people and families – or is this up to us? –Scott Thompson

No, the UI does not need to be in its final form. You're right, since we haven't posted the requirements for future milestones yet, there's no way for you to know what that final form will need to look like. A list of people and families will be fine for this milestone, but you might think about how to make parts of your UI reusable - its good to give some design consideration to UI objects/classes just as much as "backend" classes. For example, you'll probably need some way for the user to enter data throughout the rest of the project as well. If you can re-use this part of your UI & easily separate it from the stuff that you only need for M2, then you'll save yourself some coding later on. -ellie

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