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Fall 2003 Who's Who

This page lists pages for the people in the class. Please add a page for yourself. Click on "edit", add your name to the bottom of this list, with asterisks around it, then save the page. Click the "create" button to create your page, then edit it away!

Do be careful not to rename this page, and please don't lock the page, since it's a shared resource.

You might also check out Using this CoWeb if you haven't already.

Professor: Jeff Pierce (


Students (Alphabetical):
Roland Krystian Alberciak
Arnond Anantachai
Jason Ardell
Richard Bailey
Peter Balderston
Lindsey Barlow
Jonathan Bartlett
Chris Beauregard
David Browning
John Calcagni
Akshai Chauhan
Will Clarke
Andrew Clemons
Robert Cochran
Ryan Connelly
Nick Cotton
Tim Dorr
Kelsey Francis
Jerry Del Gaudio
Brian Gorby
Jake Goulding
Boris Goykhman
Anne Gurley
Mike Gurley
Riyaz Habibbhai
Calvin Lanier Hall
Scott Harlan
Chris Holmes
Ahsan Hussain
Galen Hussey
Joey Hwang
Kayre Hylton
Tim Jackson
Kevin Kane
Kris Kemper
Anawat Kitthajaroenchai
Justin Kronz
Jorge Lage
Nhan Le
David Loibl
Han Lu
Mark Luffel
Watson Martin
David McCann
John (JP) McConnell
Paolo Mentonelli
Will Miller
Arash Mirdamadi
Luigi Montanez
Andrew Nagel
Andy Parsons
Nirmal Patel
Matt Peter
Justin Purdy
Michael Quiggle
Wesley Reynolds wheelbarrowing a certain someone.
Frank Rietta
Bradford Robertson
Martin Robinson
Yoann Roman
Chris Russell
Leon Shell
Corey Slate
Branden Smith
Luke Snyder
Austin Syfert
Carlo Tambuatco
Travis Thatcher
Tan Tran
Justin Travis
Nguyen Truong
William Tuck
Keyur Vimawala
Elisha Waugh
Jason Whitehurst
Jonathan Woodbridge
Jeffrey Wysong
Joe Yeager
Ye Yan

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