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Fall 2003 Announcements

Please take a few minutes to fill out the course survey:

Believe it or not, your feedback does help!


The deadline for completeing a TA application for this spring has been extended until this Friday, Nov. 21 at noon.

yes, the rumors have been flying, but we will be at least be accepting applications tas for this coming spring! i (or any of the other current tas) can answer general questions about ta-ing for 2340; however, some things will probably change in the spring (for example, we do expect to have higher ta:student ratios and perhaps to adjust the amount we ask the students to do accordingly). if you're interested, please do come to the meeting nov. 10th as more information will be available at that time.

The College of Computing will be accepting applications for undergraduates who wish to serve as TA's for the following Spring 2004 courses:

CS 1050, 1315, 1321, 1322, 1371, 2130, 2200, 2335 & 2340

Positions will be available for pay and for credit.

Ideal candidates will be juniors and seniors in good academic standing and have an A or B in the course you want to TA for.

Please join us at an information session to learn more about being an Undergraduate TA in the College of Computing on

Monday, November 10th at 6 PM
Physics L5

Applications will be accepted from November 10 - November 19. To apply, please visit

Welcome to the fall 2003 session of CS2340!

you can now find out who your ta is, by looking here:

I've extended the deadline to demo your M3 design to your TA to Sept. 30, but you have to do it by then to get full credit.


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