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EcOdE Cases

Squeak Squeak: EcOdE
Group Members
Tan Tran
Nhan Le
Viet Nguyen
Uyen T. Le

This is evaluation of Ecode. We used this application for our project in order to get extra credit, but to our surprise it was more then helpful, it made CRC cards and Senarios alot easier to do. As you may know, ECode is a way to put all your analysis in one place. It's an application in Squeak that allows you to save CRC cards and Senarios, so you can reference then when needed.

This is Before Ecode
This is before we used Ecode. Imagine pages and pages of these in microsoft word files. It was very hard to manage. When filling in the CRC card we had to file through all the cards to find the class that is the collaborator. Also for each step of the senario we had to also shuffle through CRC cards to figure out whic one belongs to that step. We ended up having 17 classes and over 20 senarios. Doing analysis on paper is a very in-efficient and very time consuming.

Uploaded Image: ecode.JPG

This senario is incorrect.

Uploaded Image: crc.JPG

This is After Ecode
This is what our final CRC card analysis and senarios looked like. All our cards and senarios were just put into ine file. They all are relative and connects to eachother.

Uploaded Image: finalecode.JPG

What we thought was good about Ecode
What we thought was not so good about Ecode

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