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For this milestone, we had to incorporate 5 more tasks into our system:

Here's a screen shot of bob showing how to collapse a morph by using halos:

Uploaded Image: screenshot3.gif

The required tasks were much more challenging to demo than our original five, so we didn't actually complete this milestone. I think it's called "burnout."

Despite our apathy, since we had taken the time to carefully design our system in M3, we had little trouble actually adding the example tasks into our repository. And fortunately, Matt & Mike had already handled the free form searching in M2...except they forgot to strip the punctuation from the text. Oops.

Part of the grade for this milestone included a demonstration. We weren't too happy with the way things went in our demo, partially due to the way we just threw everything together to get the code finished. Don't make these mistakes:

Here's our code:

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