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Possible Changes in Ecode - Team Ratpoison

Using Ectropic Design eCode was suprisingly simple and easy. The overall design was very intuitive and since our TA was Johnathan we were able to talk to him about design and future developments.

Senarios and CRC cards were very easy to update. By saving to file or uploading our work, were were able to keep track of our files rather than worrying about version control through cvs on the .ect files. We did run into problems with the server (the eCode server not our own) being down quite often making downloads and uploads impossible sometimes.

An important idea that i realized while working with eCode was how CRC cards and Senarios are linked together. The program allows one to show add dependent cards to senarios to show how a senario could work. When using paper card we could put down cards one at a time to see the correlation. A future development of eCode will most doubtably include graphs (linked card nodes) to show the linking. Visualization for non-tech people is often key in describing designs.

We didn't use the code production tools because it is only "one-way". Stubbing out functions is probably a great feature, but after reading about problems people were having on M1 who used eCode, i decided against using that feature. Linking Classes to specific senarios and cards would be very useful also. We had a misnamed "Avatar" crc card which was a Class' original name. In a later version, we changed the name from "Avatar" to "Barney" but forgot to update the name. This can often be an easy thing to forget so integrated code and design data storeage would solve problems like that.

An important part of this class has been the actual learning of the object-oriented design process and implementation. Squeak allows an unusual coding experience in that it removes all of the normal hazards of coding (compiling on each change for instance) so that we can totally concentrate on the design. eCode allows you to further develop your designs while collaborating in a group. Collaboration in a group is key to a successful development process and eCode has proven itself useful in aiding our group.

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