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Another Group: Milestone 4

The goal was to give our Guide an interface, including a 3D avatar that could move around the screen and a 2D interface that allowed the user to interact with the Guide. For the complete specs, see Fall 2003 M4: Give your Guide an interface.

Our Approach:
We modeled our Guide and its "bubbles" after the Office Assistant. One team member handled the Avatar, while another handled the 2D windows, which we called "speech bubbles". To get a head start on future milestones, our 3rd member began the XML implementation.

Design Notes:
Turns out we needed few design changes for this milestone. Having the Avatar completely independent of its speech bubbles made integration easy. Also, having the speech bubbles extend a common model turned out to be a great design approach.

We ran into some problems when using the Wonderland; Jeff Pierce was a great help on this. Get started early to find potential problems quickly. We hadn't given enough thought on how to handle the idle behavior feature of the Avatar, and it needed some refactoring after our first integration; having properly commented code was key here. Designing the 2D UI components turned out to be much harder than expected; play around with the various layout policies early on. Finally, demo to your TA... it's not required, but it's good to know they can use it.

Code Snippets:
No Squeak hacks or tricks for this milestone...

Say hello to our SqueakGuide Avatar, Bunny.

Uploaded Image: m4-image1.gif

Downloads: code, MDLs, documentation, and tasks

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