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BwL M1

This milestone was perhaps the hardest one of all, since it was done individually. Also, we were just getting the basics of a new language down, which is never a time filled with certainty towards your code. Each of us implemented the required functionality a different way, with the customary tweaks and ingenuities we are individually proud of. Because of this, we can't really give you much advice or information on completing this milestone in particular. However, you'll need some pointers on how to get started with the Squeak UI and general programming tactics.

General Starting Suggestions

The tab on the right brings out a panel with a bunch of components to choose from. The white component is the Workspace, which is a box you can type code into for immediate evaluation. The green box is your class browser, which you will use to explore all the classes currently in your Squeak image, including your code.
If you left-click (left in Windows, right in Linux/Unix) on the gray background, a menu will pop up. If you click "open" and then "file list", a purple box will pop up that will let you browse Squeak's home directory and load .st class files. Once the files are loaded, you can view the classes they contain using a class browser window described above.

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