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Some Clever Team Member

Hello, I'm a member of team Some Clever Team Name and did not really do as well in this class as I had hoped. I know that may sound bad to you, but the good news is that you can learn from my mistakes. I am almost willing to guarantee that if you follow my simple procedures, then you will receieve in A or your money back.

Go Straight to My Projects

Ok, so everyone tells you how easy this class is and you just can't wait to walk away with your A. Well odds are, you probably will. The thing that you have to remember is that you won't just get an A by registering for this class. It will take some work and a little effort.

In every section below I am going to help you out by letting you know what I did wrong and how you can improve on it. Consider what I say and this class will not only be a guaranteed A, but you may also learn something.

Part 1. Go To Class
Part 2. Read the books
Part 3. Search the web
Part 4. Doing Projects

Part 1. Go To Class
My Mistake: You guessed it. I stopped going to class. Well, actually I went the first half of the semester and then stopped the second half. The reason for this is that we had no graded assignments the second half.

What You Can Do Differently: Well, of course you should go. Ok, so why did I go the first half of the semester? Because of the 3 Quizzes that were worth a combined 10% of our grade. You might be asking why 10% is that important. Well, think of it like this - these 10 points on your final grade are the easiest to get. The quizzes are open book, and you now have a little bit of cushioning in all your other grades.
Now you may also want to go the entire semester because, guess what, there is a final. Now I know there are power point slides on the internet, but the teacher actually does say stuff that is not in the slides, and also, it is easier to remember something if you heard it in class and read it on a slide. I'm stuck cramming for my final and reading stuff that is totally not familiar. I would have been better off going to class. So please go so that my mistake at least helped someone.

Part 2. Read the books
My Mistake: I read the first few chapters to help get started in the class, but then I stopped when I realized they weren't a requirement.

What You Can Do Differently: The books are an essential part of the class. First of all, they do provide you with some great examples on various projects. They will give you ideas and help you begin to understand the entire Squeak system. All the information in these books has proven to me to be very valuable. Also, they will provide with you with good genuine knowledge about CS and the world of computers. You might get some new ideas and find something you really enjoy. This is key to being a great programmer.

Part 3. Search the web
My Mistake: I didn't realize how much this could have helped me until the end of the semester, and that was just too late.

What You Can Do Differently: First of all, use this site. There are tons of examples on this site that you could use to basically write your first few programs. Learning from the ideas of others is a great place to start. Also, there are plenty of places on the internet with plenty of examples. Don't be afraid to look around.

Part 4. Doing Projects
My Mistake: I waited until the last minute to do all of them.

What You Can Do Differently: Get started early. Since you probably have not used Squeak before when you first start the class then you will most likely run into some unexpected obstacles. An important part of these Milestones is to learn teamwork and how to do group projects. That doesn't mean getting together in the States Cluster the night before an assignment is due and staying there until class starts the next day trying to finish a Milestone. It means planning out various assignments to various people and then bringing those together over time so that a great project is created. Also, you learn better when you do something over a period of time versus doing it all at once.

My successful projets
So this is all my work for Milestones 1-4.

It contains all of the files listed below plus the necessary alice files for the animations.

(More code below as independent files. You will need to have the alice folder to run the animation. I will be inluding that shortly.)

To view my code you need to file-in my .st file. You should know how to do that or just look in the book. It is incredibly simple. Once you do that you will be able to view our Help Repository. Just open the World Menu and look for Help Repository in the menu. Next you can view our various tasks. Just click Add Task and then select one of the task below that you saved onto your computer. Also, you can create a new task by selecting New Task. I would recommend looking at our S-Unit testing. It may help you with that when you first get started. The key thing is not to see what we have, but how we coded it. I believe that our code will better prepare you to be an excellent Squeaker.

I would recommend going through this for help getting started. Here are some tips:
Well good luck. Feel free to look at my code so that you may benefit from it as much as possible.

To see our turnin info go to my team page. It's just fun to look at for the most part.
Here's my team page: Some Clever Team Name

Ryan Knight

Let me know if this page helped you.
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