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BwL M5

Here is a link to the Requirements page. For this milestone, we basically had to create a Demonstration Engine, and to demo it we needed a script. These requirements of this milestone were not very code-intensive, so we took the opportunity for most of the group members to catch up on what we did not finish from Milestone 4. One of the group members worked on M5 while another did the GUI (me), another worked on the documentation, and the other didn't do anything. He learned the hard lesson of what it takes to be a Bear with a Lightsaber. He worked a lot for the next milestone (6) tho.

Useful Classes / Code

This milestone really had like no code. Here's some useful stuff from what we used:

            "Method to essentially create a sleep function"
            wait: time
            	| delay |
            	delay := Delay forMilliseconds: time. 
            	delay wait.

            	"open a world menu and return a handle"
            	| worldMenu |
            	worldMenu := World buildWorldMenu: ActiveEvent.
            	worldMenu addTitle: Preferences desktopMenuTitle.
            	worldMenu popUpEvent: ActiveEvent in: World.
            	^ worldMenu.

            	"open a browser and return a handle"
            	| browser |
            	browser := Browser prototypicalToolWindow. 
            	browser openInWorld.
            	^ browser.

            	"open a workspace and return a handle"
            	| workspace |
            	workspace := Workspace prototypicalToolWindow. 
            	workspace openInWorld.
            	^ workspace.

What it takes to be a Bear with a Lightsaber

Since there is really nothing to talk about, I want to take this time to tell an interesting story. Basically, this is irrelevent to everything but I need some filler for this not-so-hard milestone. So here goes:

For milestone 4, one of our group members couldn't find anything to do. See, the way our group dynamics work is that we would never tell each other what to do. Each person would just sit down when they had some free time (the night before) and code what they thought needed to be done. If they could not think of anything, they would ask the other members if they needed any help, and get themselves auctioned off to the highest bidder. The problem this unnamed group member had was he didn't know what to do, and he didn't ask anyone...We don't really know what happened to him between the hours of 2 and 5, apparently he passed out. We decided as a punishment that he should code the XML Parser, that no one felt like doing. We thought that the XML was a requirement for Milestone 5 (the next milestone). The group member was properly mollified, and got to working on the parser right after Milestone 4 was done. He worked hard, and managed to finish it in a couple days. Then when we all sat down (by this I mean meet online the night before) to work more on Milestone 5, we realized that the parser had to be done for Milestone 6. Since the group member had worked so hard, he didn't do any work for Milestone 5 either. So strangely when we thought we were punishing him we realized that we were in fact giving him another milestone off. Oh well, still got good grades.

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