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BwL M3

This milestone was entirely design, which actually used the most group time of all the milestones. We had to design every aspect of the Guide, using UML, CRC cards, scenarios, a calendar, and a testing schedule.

Design Docs


We discovered that, even though Visio doesn't do well with Squeak design, it works a lot better than anything else we found. Although it turned out we didn't need some of the stuff in our design, and we had to tweak some other stuff, the overall ideas stayed fairly constant.
NOTE: Export your Visio files to extremely high-res GIF files, or they will come out blocky. If you don't export to GIF, just remember that the States cluster machines tend to blow up when opening Visio files for printing. Best idea is to have a copy in both formats.

Luigi's Edit: Well Visio was an OK solution, but our group dropped it when I took over the UML, in favor of the Squeak program Connectors. This program can be downloaded via Squeakmap. It doesn't append the ()'s to the end of every method, and its very freeform with what it allows you to type in. The only problem was that there weren't enough types of connectors (composition is missing I believe), but that's nothing a little Microsoft Paint can't fix when you export your drawing as a gif. To look at the final product, have a looksy here: BwL M7

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