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The Fall 2003 Project was to create a Squeak Guide to help new Squeak users learn how to accomplish specific tasks in Squeak. The Squeak Guide was to blend 2D and 3D to demonstrate how to perform tasks as well as display their associated instructions.

General Advice:
Most of these appear on other case pages, but we thought we'd list them out anyway with some of our experiences or solutions.

 Going to class: Turns out that the Professor provided solutions during his demos to many of our problems. Going to class will actually save you many a nights scouring Squeak.

Design: It's a design class after all. We took M3, the Design Phase, quite seriously. Our design wasn't perfect and we adjusted it as we went along, but having thought ahead about all the requirements meant we didn't have to start all over when it came to M7.

Timeline: Part of the M3 requirements was creating a timeline and team responsibilities. We created an exact timeline and task breadown right off the start, and it turned out to be a great help avoiding last minute, frantic coding sessions. Of course, this only works if you stick to it.

Integrate Early: We set our integration times 2 days before the due date, which again helped avoid all-nighters and gave us time to fix bugs.

Cases Page: Well, if you're reading this, you obviously know this already. The Cases Page was a great resource in finding how previous groups had solved common Squeak problems.

Frequent Meetings: We've all experienced the "I'm 90% done" trend. Our frequent meetings allowed us to solve problems, check on progress, and make sure everyone understood the specs.

CVS/DVS: While using CVS/DVS was helpful in sharing files, be careful about using it across various systems; the different line breaks will play a trick on you, and you'll be getting fond of the changes file. For Windows, check out TortoiseCVS. DVS is available off SqueakMap; see the tutorial link below on using it with CVS.

 Finding stuff: Much of the time spent in squeak is not spent coding. Actually, you'll find (no pun intended) that most of your time will be spent figuring out how something works, what methods it has, how to manipulate it, etc. Exploring objects and using tools such as the method finder can be invaluable, so be sure that you know how to use the various search and explore tools. Also, this is a class where you could find yourself reinventing the wheel many times if you don't know how to search for something. A lot of work has been done for you, so whenever you you are trying to complete a task, first consider whether it has already been done within squeak. Then, figure out how it was done and try to save yourself some effort by using whatever is applicable to your task.

Team Members:
Kelsey Francis
Kris Kemper
Yoann Roman

Milestone Case Pages:
Another Group: Milestone 2
Another Group: Milestone 3
Another Group: Milestone 4
Another Group: Milestone 5
Another Group: Milestone 6
Another Group: Milestone 7

Final Downloads:
DVS.pdf: tutorial on using CVS with Squeak (not ours) code, MDLs, documentation, and XML tasks

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