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BwL M2

For this milestone, we had to form a 4-person group, which also included making a team coweb page. After we formed our group, we then had to enhance our milestone 1 code with a GUI and 2 help tasks.



(from milestone 2 coweb page):

We also had to add a Guide class to our M1 code, with at least the following messages:

We ended up having several extra messages in the Guide class, including an initialize message and accessors and modifiers for the instance variables.


At first, we had some trouble figuring out the difference between class and instance messages, but in the end Joe had it sorted out for turnin. Basically, class messages can be called like "Helprepository browse", but for instance messages you have to actually make an instance of the class "dummy = Helprepository new." and then call the "browse" message on that instance "dummy browse."

Another problem we had was figuring out how to get initialization code run when a class was created. The best way we could find was to override the "new" class message with the code "super new initialize.", and put an "initialize" method in the instance method area for the class. That way, whenever a class was instantiated with "new", its initialization method would be called.

In a couple of places, we needed to be able to pass data to a class on instantiation. Here is code for the "new" message:

new: aVariable
super new initialize: aVariable.

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