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BwL ECoDE Cases


ECoDE is a tool designed to help Squeakers with the design process. You can write scenarios, CRC cards, assign method names to each responsibility in that CRC card, and then ultimately generate code for your program.


The first screen, "Analysis Mode". I'm not sure what the Goals part on the left is for. Here you can type in a scenario:

Scenarios are little stories to write on how a user would use your program. They usually start from the moment the user opens the program to when she closes it. There is just general usage and feature description in these, no dirty details on how we nerds will actually code the thing. Make them funny to keep yourself entertained. Using these in ECoDE was relatively straightforward and easy. Just make sure to press alt-S to save your paragraph! There's no warning if the window is closed and the text is not saved.
We can then enter in CRC cards:

CRC (class-responsibility-collaborator) cards are useful to make after you write scenarios. Here you get a bit more detailed (but not too detailed), by coming up with some general classes, what they should do (responsibilities) and what other classes they work with (collaborators).
After the Analysis mode, there's the Design mode:

Where we can assign method names to each scenario in a CRC card:

The last mode is program mode, where we can actually generate code. Because we started the code before using ECoDE, I didn't use this mode.

Observations of good features

Issues for Improvement


This is a good system to use if you're starting from scratch, particulary for the code generation. There's nothing to compel you to keep on using it afterwards however. The analysis mode functionality, particularly the scenarios and CRC cards, can be done much easier with much less headache with Microsoft Word.

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