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To embody your Guide, create a 3D character that you can programmatically move around the screen and cause to refer to things. Your Guide (referring now to the 3D character) must be able to:

We also had to give our avatar three idle behaviors as well as use the 2d GUI to do a bunch of stuff like display all the available tasks, perform a keyword search, and actually show the user the steps to completing a task.

So basically we were to come up with something like Microsoft "Clippy," only cooler and not as gay. We decided to use the snowman model for our avatar and gave him some rockin' idle behaviors.

This was one of the more aggravating milestones, because it was the first time we had to actually dig deep into the inner workings of squeak and the Wonderland, which can be time consuming and difficult, due to the incredible lack of documentation.

Sometimes you've just gotta suffer countless hours of frustration until you get some kind of payoff.

Here's a nifty screen shot of our dude Bob, mid-idle:

Uploaded Image: screenshot2.gif

This is the first milestone where our TA first pointed out a lot of mistakes we had been making as far as style and design.

1. Frequently our code dug several layers deep into to the model to find an object it wants. Instead, you should design your project so that one of the following is possible:

The advantage is that your code is less dependent on the exact connections between the different objects.

2. You shouldn't be adding accessors and modifiers that you don't know will be necessary. Instance variables are private by default, and by adding accessors you are exposing them for any passer-by to play with. Lex sez: "this is bad OO hygiene!"

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