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Milestone 3 required that we design our entire system. It required that we look ahead at future milestones to see what functionality would be needed and to see how each would incorporate the behavior of the previous milestone.

Here is what the turnin required:

Out of all the milestones, this one required the most planning. It took us a lot longer than we thought to figure out where each milestone was supposed to put us, as far as project functionality was concerned. It was also very frustrating because we had to plan everything - we had to think through stuff that hadn't even been created yet.

At the time of this milestone, we didn't realize how important scenarios could be for handling certain cases of user interaction. Luckily, we had a group member who could crank out humorous yet quality scenarios in no time flat.

Some Advice:

easier that way.

A few example documents:
test plan.xls

Here's sample of our CRC cards for M3
Uploaded Image: crccardsM2.gif

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