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For Milestone 2 our group really fell apart. We recieved a poor grade that was unacceptable to us and looking back we saw some ways in which this could have been avoided. Take this case as a "how not to code" paper.

This phase of the project required implementing checks on entered data (things like making sure a father was born before a son, death date was after birthdate, etc), along with providing a GUI to allow inputting details about persons, and families.

Honestly, we had no achievements in this milestone, but we did have a lot of things go wrong. Heres a few things to avoid doing so that maybe you can get a better grade than we did:

LEARN SQUEAK! I can't emphasize this enough. Don't expect to learn squeak and morphic by going to class. The class is not about teaching you the language, its about design concepts. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEARN SQUEAK THE NIGHT THIS IS DUE. We started very late, the day before the project was due and being that two of our 3 group members were sick, the majority of the work fell on one of us. That particular group member didn't have the best grasp of squeak and spent most of the night fighting with language to make it do what he wanted.

Use Morphic. Theres a lot of packages on squeakmap that are supposed to make GUI creation easier, things like Prefab, or BobsUI. Don't use them. They are, it our opinion, worthless. You will spend a lot of time just tring to learn the basics of them, only to find that they don't provide the functionality that you need. Morphic is the only way to go when using squeak. Learn it early and learn it well, it will save you an immense amount of time later on.

LEARN SQUEAK! I say this agian because its so important. You hate squeak, I hate squeak, everyone except for the professor and the TAs hate squeak, but you have to use it and theres no getting around it. Sadly, the only way to learn squeak is to use it, get into it and play around. Expect to read a lot of code, the majority of the classes and methods you'll find won't have any comments and you'll have to read through the code to figure out what its doing. Get used to it, its all uphill from here.

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