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Team NIKU UI Page

Uploaded Image: niku.gif

This is Team Niku's UI. Feel free to post and let us know what you think.


Oh that's pretty, but what does a user do if he/she starts changing their preferences, then decides, "Wait - I like them better the way they were before"? In other words, can changes be canceled? And what if a user wants to list his/her available preferences (or chosen preferences) by site instead of by category?
Nathan [OHT]

You can remove any selected source or category by selecting it and then clicking on the left-pointing arrow. Axel

I'm somewhat confused by Axel's answer to Nathan. Expanding the outline is the same as selecting the news source or category? Mark Guzdial

The "You have selected:" list is initially empty. Copying a source or category from the "You may chose from:" list to the "You have selected:" list consists of selecting the source or category you wish to copy, and clicking on the >> button to copy it over. This is completely independent of the outlines' expansion or contraction.

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