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Fall 2003 Midterm SRs - Standard Responses

For the midterm, some of the TAs chose to draw up a list of standard responses and reference them, rather than writing the same comments over and over again. The standard responses are:

SR 1-1: Objects model domain concepts. Each object is self-contained, and can take care of its own responsibilities.

SR 1-2: Alan Keyes in an economist. [Alan Kay was one of the developers of Smalltalk]

SR 1-3: It [simula] is missing features that are today considered necessary for a language to be OO, such as polymorphism. It introduced the concept of encapsulation.

SR 1-4: The Dynabook was designed as a portable personal computer similar to today's tablet PC. But the Dynabook was not just a hardware vision: the software (with a heavy emphasis on powerful programming tools and multimedia capabilities) was an integral part of the design concept.

SR 1-5: The compiler is separate from the VM (virtual machine). The compiler takes textual code and outputs bytecodes that are then interpreted by the VM.

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