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Team OOPS: Schedule

                  M3 - Design
Tue         (09/23)        1st draft of UML / scenarios
Fri         (09/26)        1st draft of test plan / tasks
Tue         (09/26)        Final draft of UML
Sat         (10/04)        Final draft of Scenarios / test plan / tasks
Mon         (10/06)        Polish up design, revise M4 timeline

                  M4 - Avatar
Tue         (10/07)        Agenda
Sat         (10/11)        3D model complete, 2D GUI complete with callbacks
Tue         (10/14)        Idle behaviors complete, speech bubble complete
Sat         (10/18)        All code complete, begin integration
Mon         (10/20)        Polish up code, revise M5 timeline

            M5 - Demonstration Engine
Tue         (10/21)        Domain knowledge, agenda
Sat         (10/25)        Back-end in place
Tue         (10/28)        At least two tasks done
Sat         (11/01)        All tasks integrated
Mon         (11/03)        Polish up, revise M6 timeline

            M6 - XML Instruction Files
Tue         (11/04)        Domain knowledge (XML parsing), agenda
Sat         (11/08)        XML parser complete, file format specification complete
Tue         (11/11)        All tasks written and encoded, Instructions complete
Sat         (11/15)        Parser integration, read-write tasks complete
Mon         (11/17)        Polish up, revise M7 timeline

            M7 - Task Implementation
Tue         (11/18)        Domain knowledge, agenda
Sat         (11/22)        TextProcessor complete
Tue         (11/25)        Two tasks supported
Tue         (12/02)        All tasks supported, demonstration validity checking complete
Wed         (12/03)        Polish, prayer

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