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Some Clever Team Name

Ah, so add things in here, write some scenarios first, and then we can build on those... Also, the timeline could be filled in and if people want to claim responsibility for tasks go ahead. We might should wait on dividing work until we know what needs to be done to. If you find something that we need to lookup/read about, just add it in and someone can claim it as they are interested.

Milestone 3 Workspace


CRC Cards

Test Plan

UML Class Diagram

Individual Responsibilities


This is the required scedule, which needs to be filled with our internal schedule.
Sept 1

(Due Tue 09/02) Fall 2003 M1: Create a help repository
Sept 8

Sept 15

(Due Tue 09/16) Fall 2003 M2: Create a simple Guide
Sept 22

Sept 29

Oct 6

(Due Tue 10/07) Fall 2003 M3: Design everything
Oct 13

Oct 20

(Due Tue 10/21) Fall 2003 M4: Give your Guide an interface
Oct 27

Nov 3

(Due Tue 11/04) Fall 2003 M5: Create a demonstration engine
Nov 10

Nov 17

(Due Tue 11/18) Fall 2003 M6: Add demonstrations to your Guide
Nov 24

Dec 1

(Due Tue 12/04) Fall 2003 M7: Expand your Guide's functionality

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