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Restauraunt Reviews

What restauraunts are the bomb diggety?

Open 24 Hours:
R. Thomas Deluxe Grill (lots of vegetarian)
Majestic Diner (chicken fingers and honey mustard)
City Cafe Diner (everything. really. Not so cheap.)
Taco Cabana (roll the dice for soggy nachos here, but you can get em at all hours. even has drive thru)
Chinese Buddha (off 14th and Techwood, great chinese food, 10 bucks for two days' worth of food)

Best Breakfasts:
Flying Biscuit Cafe (orange french toast, mexican eggs)
Crescent Moon (try the heap, just once tho)
Silver Skillet (biscuit sandwiches)

Best Pasta:
Maggianos (gnocchi with tomato vodka sauce. 'nuff said)

Best Pizzas:
Everybodys (virginia highlands)
Savage Pizza (little five)

Best Ice Cream:
Brusters (the double scoops are huge)
Zestos (tater tots all day)
that gellato place in virg. highlands

Taco Mac (beer from everywhere around the world)
Great Western Burrito Company (crispy chicken with honey mustard, sampler basket)
Raging Burrito (quesadillas, raging nachos with veggie chilli)

Fast Food If You Must:
Arbys (market fresh sandwiches, chicken fingers are good)
Popeyes (red beans n rice, biscuits, curly fries)
Checkers (great fries, thick milkshakes)
Subway (howell mill free drink with buzz card)
Smoothie King (try the immune builder... it's good for you)

all above info provided by Hank Wilde

hank! you named all the good restaraunts!
well, actually, you missed a few:
both fellini's and mellow mushroom have pretty decent pizza :)
and how could you leave off the wonderful indian delights in decatur!

btw.. tho zesto's brown crown cones are pretty good, since when did having tater tots make them a good ice cream place?

also, i was wonderin.. does anyone know of a good thai place around atlanta? i've been to a couple, but always kinda dissappointing..

There's a pretty good thai place on virginia ave right near north highland, as i recall. There used to be an excellent place farther down the street, but it's changed into something slightly different. Also, if you're willing to take the drive up to roswell, there's an odd little place that's pretty tasty on alpharetta highway, in the complex across from the drive through taqeria (sp?). They got some new management sometime in the somewhat recent past, and the quality is much improved. Shaggz

atleast i didn't leave out papa johns garlic dipping sauce

Hank Wilde

Hank on fast food you left out Wendy's, give it up to Dave Thomas and tip your glass to Wendy's great spicy chicken sandwich.

Keith McDermott

Dave Thomas has passed from this life. Let's have a moment of silence, and then you can get back to your sandwich(es) Shaggz

Eats - A noodle/chicken joint on Ponce. Student discount, great food, heaping portions. Yum...

Bridgetown Grill- This place is the BEST! go there.



Front Page News - New Orleans style tavern on Crescent Ave. close to campus. Great food and atmosphere.

Well this is depressing. I would think that someone could think of at least one place that they would suggest eating at, but perhaps I am mistaken.

Anyway, if you're up at 2 or so in the morning and you're looking for some pretty good chinese, check out New Paradise. It's up on Buford Highway past Clairemont somewhere.

And Goldberg's! A cool deli at West Paces and Northside Parkway.


I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Jake's Ice Cream or Taqueria del Sol.
Jake's is the best ice cream I have ever had:
and Taqueria del Sol is some pretty good trendy TexMex food:
Both places are within ten minutes drive from campus.

Jim Gruen

Satay Ria - is a great Thai place on peachtree, across the street from R. Thomas/Shipfeifers/etc.. Great service and great food at a reasonable price. I believe they have a full bar.

Noodle - is a new place on peachtree across from the Vortex. This place is basically a Doc Chey's with better food (yes...better) and a full bar. The bowls are about a buck more than Doc's.

Don Norbury

The best way to chill is with a great tasting beer and some delcious gourmet pizza's. :D hrmm ...
this place is called 5 seasons brewery ... they have the best full bodied american beers (taste more european) here in the ATL. their lamb chops are also great starters, or meals if u r into small portions. the waiters are good and the owner is a pretty down to earth chap. ok i'll stop b4 this sounds like a commercial. be prepared to spend $15-20. And, its on roswell road.
oh and btw ... u'll need a designated driver. the beer has a really a really high alcohol content and ur head will be swimming b4 u'll know what hit u.

Kanishk Kapur

Andrew's list of Awesome Atlanta Restaurants:
Swapna (Indian)
Raja (Indian)
Zyka (Indian)
Fogo de Chao (Brazilian Steakhouse)
Taqueria Del Sol (Mexican)
Figo Pasta (Italian)
Benihana (Japanese Steakhouse)
Everybody's Pizza
Saigon Cafe (Vietnamese)
Pho 79 (Vietnamese)
Thai Chili
R Thomas
Penang (Malaysian/Thai)
Dante's Down the Hatch (Fondue->Swiss)

Andrew Orlando

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