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Order of the High Templar Public UI Review Page

We are the Order of the High Templar. This is our UI design. It ain't pretty. But darnit it's functional. We happen to believe the thing is also pretty intuitive; if anyone has problems with it, please, please post it to this page!

Clicking on the above menu will, of course, take you to a menu like the one below:

We'll pretty it up at a later point.

Comments from the peanut gallery:

I don't mean to sound discouraging, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do in the bottom window. What do I click on first? What does the "Add" button do? Thanks! Mark Guzdial

Heh, so much for claims of intuity! The short answer: you can click on just about anything your little heart desires. The long answer: clicking on "By Category" will list the categories available in the middle-left window, and you can then pick a source for that category by "Add"ing the source highlighted in the bottom-left window. Clicking "By Site" does just the opposite (posting a list of sites in the middle-left window, allowing the user to choose what category of news he wants from that site by "Add"ing from the bottom-left). The user's current selections appear in the bottom-right, and can be manipulated from there. The user can select his/her Primary Category in the top-right before, during, or after choosing his/her news sources (wow)! Let me guess, it's confusing because you can't tell what is and what isn't a button... ah well. Like I said, it'll improve. Work in progress. - Nathan [OHT]

Brief explanation of the interface: The entire left pane is for browsing the list of available sources. If the "By Category" button is activated, then the top list box in the left pane displays the list of all available categories of news and clicking on one of these categories brings up a list of sites where that category is available in the bottom list box. Similarly, if the "By Site" button is activated then the top list box displays the list of news sites and clicking on any site will bring up the list of categories offered at that site in the bottom list. Pressing the "Add" button adds the currently selected news category and site to the list of user preferences, which is displayed in the lower right of the interface. - Roger [OHT]

Could someone select 'Travel', 'Food', etc... as their primary category using this interface? I know it's not necessary, but expanding the list of primary categories is allowed. Doing so might help the logic of what to do if 'CNN Travel' is the only selected news source, and something like 'World' is selected as the primary news category (if done right, this combination may never arise from the UI). I do like the implementation of multiple-users/newspaper source-selection definitions :)
Matthew Wolenetz

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