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CS 3911 team page

Team members:
Ian Port:
Kanishk Kapur:
Bill Allen:

Our team is working on the in-flow project. More details later.

Here are the water consumers in the house:

1st Floor:
Kitchen Sink
Fridge: ice maker, water squirty
Dish washer
Air Conditioner?

2nd Floor:
Identical Bathroom 3, 4
Washing Machine


This is the document that was obtained from Kevin Massey regarding the project:
In-flow msmts class.doc
The following is our research proposal:

The following is our requirements document:

More stuff:
Hey Bill,
I have started writing the Research proposal and I was thinking of a few things that may be common to both our documents:

This will consist of what techniques we will be employing in order to get at what we want.
It may include a short description of how we will go about collecting data that will help us distinguish the water consumers in the house.
Determining thresholds for our flow sensors.
A description of what kinds of algrorithms will suit us for this particular function.
How we will Capture, record and analyze sensor data.

Also as a side to this, I want to do some research into what people have already done with regards to this domain. Maybe some research already exists that has been able to determine the water consumers using flow and pressure data alone.

Just to tell people what we think we should have achieved by what time.
Our sensors, our computers, our pl,
Making the Device UPNP enabled. How or why this may be a good idea

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