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Keyur Vimawala

SUnit Guidance

For our project we were required to creat a Guide to squeak. In a nutshell, the guide was required to have two major components: the avatar and the administration window. The administration window allowed an admin to enter Instructions on how to complete a certain task. The avatar was a cartoon like element that would step through information on how to complete a chosen task. It also was required to have a way for the task to automatically execute for demonstration purposes. The tasks that were entered in to the Guide were kept in a repository and could be output to an xml formated file.

And for all of these classes we were required to have SUnit testing. With hindsight SUnit was easy to implement. But we lost many points because of it during evaluation. Here are a couple of hints to take advantage of:

1 - Make sure your SUnit tests are included with your turnin!

2 - Make sure you update your SUnit code whenever you make significant changes to a class.

3 - Make sure you are clearing your morphs in SUnit.

4 - Make sure you Back up information before you begin the testing code.

5 - SUnit can be your friend

Here is some sample code for you to get a start with:

testTask := OrderedCollection new.

testTask add: ('step 1').
testTask add: ('step 2').
testTask add: ('step 3').
testTask add: ('step 4').

self assert: ((testTask at: 1) = ('step 1')).
self assert: ((testTask at: 2) = ('step 2')).
self assert: ((testTask at: 3) = ('step 3')).
self assert: ((testTask at: 4) = ('step 4')).

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