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Ryan Connelly

I have heard over and over again complaints about squeak and the problems of an unstable design environment and all of the havoc associated with it. I would like to give some insight into my own problems and successes and why this "easy-to-rip-on" language has helped me learn.

Squeak may not be a stable, super-fast solution to today's complex computing world but as far as a design teaching tool it takes the cake. Though there have been times when I forgot to save my work or Squeak crashed and i lose my work, the understanding of object-oriented design has been well worth the temporary pain.

The purpose of this course has not been to create but to learn. When learning a by-product is the creation of something. The coding has not been my objective but rather the result of my experience with Squeak. I probably won't be working with squeak after this class, but what i have learned will last. For instance, though i have coded Java GUIs in many of my classes at Tech i have yet to master many of the design ideas that have been drilled into my head. MVC suggests that the control shouldn't know about the View, but only after working with a very heavy graphical interface in this class (our barney avatar project - a help repository) did i realize the true significance of this statement.

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