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Order of the High Templar

Please check out our UI design and comment on it.


[Stares at you and says nothing.]
''You suck! I r00l j00!''
''I'm a l33t sKw33x0r d00d!''
John Anderson
Roger Norris
Nathan Pettigrew


"The merging is complete...!" - Roger

"Anyone up for a midnight Westside Market raid?" - John

"I want my business news from ESPN." - Nathan

"What's your favourite time travel paradox?" - Nathan

"I don't have to test and debug. My code works – the first time." - Roger

"I think I'll sit around and wait to get garbage collected." - John

"My eBay bot made $5000 today!" - Nathan
          "Better be careful; you'll get kicked." - Roger

"I wanna see you stick a drumstick in your sweat gland." - John

"That's not gonna work." - Roger
          "Wait–what?!" - John
          "I'm talking about Nathan's code." - Roger
          "Oh, okay, phew." - John

"We're programmers. We don't like complete sentences." - Roger

"We need to create an editor for our web layout - a Way-out Lebedditer." - Roger

"Great Caesar's Ghost in the Shell!!" - Nathan

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