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Fall 2003 M6: Add demonstrations to your Guide

(Group, Due 11/18)

Now it's time to allow your Guide to show users how to do things, instead of just telling them how to do them. You'll need to combine your Guide with your demonstration engine so that the user can ask your Guide to demonstrate how to complete each step. You'll also need to extend your help repository so that you can read and write text and demonstration instructions in XML format.


Questions about Fall 2003 Milestone 6


Your guide show now be able to inform users of what help topics are available, allow users to choose a particular task they want help on, and then walk the users through the task. Users should be able to choose, for any particular step in the instructions, whether they want to perform the step themselves or have the Guide demonstrate it. (Note: for this milestone you can presume users have correctly followed any previous steps at any point in the instructions).

You also need to extend your Guide so that you can load and save instructions in XML format. Note that this is different than just saving the text instructions; you also need to be able to load and save the demonstration instructions, so that you write a "how-to" both explaining and demonstrating how to complete a particular task and then share it with others.

Think about how you can avoid reinventing the wheel.


Turn-in your code and your saved help instructions, in XML format, before class using the Fall 2003 Turnin Information with the code 'M6'. Turn in your design in class.


(NOTE: A good design is VERY important here! It's okay if it's very different from P3 – we want to see that you thought it all through.)

Note: If the TAs can't figure out how to do these things, they don't have to give you the points. The UI must be usable.

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