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Fall 2003 M5: Create a demonstration engine

(Group, Due 11/04)

In order to demonstrate how to perform certain tasks, your Guide will need to be able to draw the user's attention to UI elements, show menus and make selections, type and select text, etc. For this milestone you will create a demonstration engine that will make these things possible.


Questions on Fall 2003 Milestone 5


For this milestone you'll need to create a demonstrate engine that allows you to graphically communicate actions to the user. The step-by-step instructions you drew up for milestone 3 should provide you with a list of tasks you'll need to demonstrate (e.g. showing the world menu, clicking "open...", then clicking on "browser", ...). Potential tasks your list might include are:

Your demonstration engine should take the form of a simple animation engine so that you can communicate actions over time (e.g. type "World submorphs" over 5 seconds into a Workspace, wait 2 seconds and then select it, wait 1 second and then evaluate it).

Hint: you might find it very useful to look at the classes in the Wonderland-Time class category, particularly the Scheduler class.

Your demonstration engine needs to demonstrate all of the steps of your 5 tasks. To verify that your engine fulfills this requirement, use your engine to put together a simple script that demonstrates each of those steps. Comment the script to indicate the steps it demonstrates.

Keep in mind that your demonstration engine will need to eventually handle demonstrating 5 tasks assigned by the professor as well. You should work hard to make your engine as flexible as possible to save you time later.


Turn-in your code and your demonstration script before class using the Fall 2003 Turnin Information with the code 'M5'. Turn in your design in-class.


Note: If the TAs can't figure out how to do these things, they don't have to give you the points. The UI must be usable.

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