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Fall 2003 M1: Create a help repository

(Individual, Due 09/02)

As new Squeak users, you are perfectly positioned to discover what is hard to figure out how to do in Squeak. The first part of this milestone is to generate a list of things you'd like to know how to do in Squeak (before you even start working with it) and of tasks you actually had trouble figuring out how to do (e.g. execute some sample code, create a new class, find the implementors of a particular method, display an image, stop and debug running code).

The second part of this milestone is to develop a TaskInstructions class to contain the instructions for a particular task and a HelpRepository class to contain the set of instructions that your Guide will draw on.

Questions on Fall 2003 Milestone 1


Learn basic smalltalk syntax and design and implement a simple smalltalk program as an individual effort. Use SUnit to perform simple unit tests of code.


1. Record at least 10 tasks that (before using Squeak) you wanted to know how to do or (after using Squeak) that you had trouble figuring out how to do. The tasks should be fairly significant; please do not list tasks like "I had trouble figuring out how to do addition." Note that "I had trouble figuring out how to create a scratchpad where I could do addition" would be a valid, significant task.

2. Your class TaskInstructions must at least implement the following methods:

3. Your class HelpRepository must at least implement the following methods:

4. Test the methods using SUnit. You should have SUnit classes TaskInstructionsTest and HelpRepositoryTest that test TaskInstructions and HelpRepository. These should be runnable from within TestRunner and contain tests for each method.


In class, please turn-in your list of "hard to figure out" tasks. Before class time, turn-in your well-documented code (at least two lines of comments for each non-accessor method, in-line comments at significant portions) using the Fall 2003 Turnin Information with the code 'M1'.


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