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Fall 2003 Team Declaration Page

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Four Blind Mice:

Robert Davis
Will Miller
Matt Parcell
Spence Tyner

External Image
Raid: Kills Bugs Dead

Wesley Buchanan
Erin Reddick
Calvin Lanier Hall
Chyke Ucheya

Another group:

Uyen Le
Tan Tran
Nhan Le
Viet Nguyen

a group
and now for something completely different

Bears with Lightsabers: Uploaded Image: BearSaber.jpg
Joe Yeager
Luigi Montanez
Wesley Augur
Galen Hussey

Team Purple Monkey Dishwasher: Uploaded Image: purplemonkey.gif

Wesley Reynolds
Michael Quiggle
David McCann

Another Group

Yoann Roman
Kris Kemper
Kelsey Francis

Squeak Drives a Saturn: Uploaded Image: saturn.gif

Nirmal Patel
Jason Whitehurst
Riyaz Habibbhai
Leon Shell

The Undecided Squeakers

Jorge Lage
Liang Wen
Sam Lakha
Jerry Del Gaudio

Uploaded Image: dt.jpg
Whatever Happened to Bob Saget?

Jonathan Bartlett
Michael Chen
Anne Gurley
Matt Peter

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Uploaded Image: athf.jpg
Arash Mirdamadi
Michael Crofford
Andrew Parsons
Matthew Ordonez


Han Lu
Suiyang Li
Hang Yin
Ayite Agbopote Ayite

Should've gone to FSU

Dustin Roberts
John Hay
Jonathan Woodbridge
Robert Graham

Rat Poison

Keyur Vimawala
Ryan Connelly
Lindsey Barlow
Watson Martin

unnamed 6

Peter Balderston
Matt Collins
Joey Hwang
Charles Seyle

Anything But Squeaky Clean

John Calcagni
Andrew Nagel
Elisha Waugh
Frank Rietta


Akshai Chauhan
Andrew Clemons
Jake Goulding
Kayre Hylton

Some Clever Team Name

Jesse Dahlstrom
Mark Luffel
Ryan Knight
Rob Fitzpatrick

Insert our names here

Anawat Kitthajaroenchai
Branden Smith
Nguyen Truong
Ye Yan

unnamed 7

Jason Ardell (
Kevin Kane
David Loibl
Bradford Robertson

unnamed 8

Suman Mallick
Nick Panahi
Leslie Polk

Team 過労死

Justin Purdy
Arnond Anantachai
Aaron Fisch

Team Ramrod

Chris Holmes
Justin Kronz
Boris Goykhman
Jordan Bethea

unnamed 11, it's a funny name
Shane Carleton
Adam Poncz
Matt Lindsey
Les Wilhelm

OOPS (Orange Octopi Pulsating with Squeak)

Mike Gurley
Tim Jackson
Corey Slate
Martin Robinson

Scheme.... I mean Squeak
David Browning
Neil Cutshaw
Jeff Shaffer
Jason Drury

Generic Team A
Justin Coffman
Chris Limbacher
Chris Scheibe

name TBD
Chris Vincent
Travis Thatcher
Tim Dorr
William David Tuck

unnamed 12
Angela Liang
Andrew Heckman
Greg Smith
Leslie Kubilius

Leeko! Leeko! Leeko! We are squeaky guys.
Robert Cochran
Will Clarke
Scott Harlan
Jeffrey Wysong

Christian Adam
Jeremy Clements
JP McConnell

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