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Summer 2003 TA Announcements

I just changed my office hours – I had overlapped one of my own classes! -Lex Spoon

i have to cancel my office hours this thursday june 5. instead i will be available on wednesday from 3:30-4:30 and by email. -ellie harmon

sorry i forgot to post earlier, but i will be missing my office hours today (thursday june 26) so that i can grade all of your tests! email me if you have any questions -ellie harmon

My office hours for july 2nd have been canceled, have a nice 4th of july-Frank Robles

Lex Spoon: I'm going to start meeting in the "cities" Sun lab until/if my laptop gets fixed. It's the other glassed-in lab next to the commons area; not the commedians lab, but the other one.

I have put up my M5 demo sign up sheet, my groups can fill it out
Frank Robles

Lex's Demo Signup

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