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Team Members
Bryan Billings
Bryan Horne
Brian Adle
Vincent Chan

The Goal

To create a user friendly program to create and display slideshows of images using Squeak. Functionality included in the program should include ability to edit the individual photos, add textual annotations to pictures, play music during the slideshow, and many other things. A full list of requirements is here.

Individual Milestone Pages
-Basic Slideshow with Photo Manipulation
-Initial Design
-More Involved Photo Manipulation with Slide Ordering
Adding Sound and Generating HTML Slideshows: 

Recommendations for Future Students
There are three pieces of advice that we would like to give future students:

1. Do not be afraid to modify the design.
If you find that the original design that you created is not quite up to par, change it. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is not going to make the project any easier, and it's not going to help group morale either.

2. Make Squeak work for you.
Looking at many of the classes in Squeak of them contain no (or cryptic) class and method comments. It appears that many of these classes(or methods) were created quickly to simply get a job done. When working in Squeak remember that these(and other) classes and methods are not 'built-in' but rather, 'included'. If an included method doesn't return what you want, change it. It can make difficult tasks easy by reusing existing code. Remember to file out and turn any modified methods as well.

3. Include a ReadMe File!
If the TA cannot understand how to use your program, they cannot accurately grade it. Include in a readme file anything that could possibly be confusing about your program. Guaranteed to save you points(or at least make the TA happy).