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TRTA M5: Slide Show with Sound


Allow the user to add background music for the slide show. Also textual annotation and a particular sound for each slide. In addition, we had to generate HTML pages that mirrored the slide show.


This is our class diagram for this milestone:

As you can see this doesn't have that many classes. Other groups have 20+ classes while we have 12.


This milestone was a breeze for our team. Due to our very well designed previous milestones, this milestone was a piece of cake. Only a few additional functionalities were needed for this milestone and it took very little time. It might seem that way because we know a lot more squeak by this time but it was very easy for us.

Main Window:

HTML Page:


This is why design is important. This milestone took us an hour to implement all the features because we reused everything from M4 and everything fit smoothly. In general, this milestone went very smooth for us.


here is our .st file:

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