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TRTA M4: Ordered Slide Shows and Direct Manipulation Photo Editing


Add the ability to order slides and implement more photo manipulation methods. We also had to be able to save the ordering of the slide show into a file, which we can load from. The additional photo manipulation includes red eye removal using a rectangle drawn from the user. Also included crop and filtering pixels.


We had to revamp our design from the previous milestone, but not by much. Our broad design helped us out here because we were able to delegate all functionality perfectly amongst what we had before. We might have added/removed some of the classes but for the most part our design was on par with what we had.


This milestone was definitely the most time consuming of all the milestones. It had the most amount of additional functionality and we had to create a lot of GUI components, such as the order slides gui shown below.

Also the pixel filter gui shown here:

Main Window:


Delegation of work is important here because it is so hard. Take in to consideration who will be doing the front end (GUI) and the back end of the functionalities. Morphs are a very good idea for the GUI because it is very easy once you learn how to use it. Morphs saved us a LOT of time on this milestone.


here is our .st file:

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