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TRTA M2: Buttons for Slides and Minimal Photo Manipulation


Create a slide editor to manipulate photos. We have the editor perform operations such as grayscale, negative, increase/decrease red. We also had to give the users the ability to traverse the slideshow with first, next, last, and previous buttons.


This is the first time we had to use CRC cards and UML class diagrams for our projects. This was our last individual milestone. Basically we had a Slide class which represented each picture, a SlideShow class which displayed all the pictures with a delay in between, and a SlideEditor class which handled the editing of the Slide.


The most time consuming part of the milestone was handling the escape key pressed event because there is very little documentation in Squeak in handling keyboard events. The most difficult part to implement was to switch between slide editor mode and slide show mode. It would have been easier if we knew Design Patterns at that time, but we did not learn it until the end of the semester.


In general, by this time we all agreed that Morphic events was the way to go. Also, start early so you can ask the TAs about anything you can't find documentation for.

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