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Summer 2003 Final Exam Review: Design


Draw the UML class diagram for the following requirements:

Design the software for the following vending machine. The vending machine must take coins and/or bills and dispense items that the user pushes buttons to select. The vending machine validates the money and displays the current total in the display window. The customer pushes a button which tells an item dispenser to dispense an item. If the customer has entered enough money for the item the vending machine will dispense the item and any change. The item dispensers must track the number of items in them and e-mail the supplier for the item (via the internet) to let the supplier know that they need more of that type of item when the number of items reaches a reorder level. The vending machine must know it's location, and model number. There are two kinds of items. Items that need to be kept cold and those that don't. All items know their price. Cold items also know what temperature they need to be kept at.

Doesn't anybody have a solution to this? Barbara Ericson

hell no

Yeah, but it's hand-drawn and I haven't really had the time to to make it digital. Question though. What's with the items knowing how cold they are? Shouldn't the machine have a thermometer that keeps track fo the temperature? The item knows how cold it should be, and the two are occasionally checked against each other (this is how I did it Sunday night, but only noticed the difference in the wording versus my diagram this morning). Kuroko

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