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Plug This

Uploaded Image: plug-this-ui.gif.gif

When the user clicks a news source on the left, an options list for that news source displays to the right of it. Then when the user clicks on any option it updates the currently selected options on the right side of the UI.
The primary category is displayed below the options list after the user has selected a primary category with the choose primary category button.
Obviously some of the stuff is hard coded in but it can be relatively easily changed by us. The news sources and their respective options selected are stored in an array, the actual news sources themselves are in a single method inside the code. We didn't think about reading in a file to allow for different news sources but that is probably something worth implementing if we have time. When the

Kapil Chandra, Peter Tsai, Cheyenne Throckmorton, Albert Wolchesky

Very cool look! How did you generate the neat titles? Do you load them as GIFs or do you modify the fonts in-image?

The interface does have some odd quirks, though. Why is that the button to choose a primary category is on the left, when the categories are on the right?
Mark Guzdial

Some possible problems:

You seem to be organizing by site instead of by catagory. This could be a problem if we want to add a lot of sources (that are not necesarily from the same general site (general site = CNN, BBC, whatever stuff on the right half)) to one catagory. (example: what if we wanted to add Cnet news, ZDnet news, and Reuters Tech news to the technology catagory.) You would need to make many more headings on the right half for the new sources.

As I see it, you are adding catagories to sources instead of sources to catagories. If I were trying to organize my CD collection, I would make a pile of CDs (list of sources) for each genre of music (catagory), not a pile for each artist...I would have way too many piles to keep it organized!

More specificaly, if I was Trying to find a article in a newspaper about sports, I wouldn't turn to a page with all the articles on it written by one writer; I would turn to a sports section (catagory) with lots of different writers (sources/sites).

You see what I'm saying? You appear to be sorting your newspaper into sections by different authors instead of sections about the same general topic...Which way does a real newspaper work?

Another problem of the same type: What happens if I try to add the food catagory to slahdot (New highly cafinated beverage released today...stil in beta testing...known bugs: eats through your teeth! :)) Seriously, is this handled?

Enough bad stuff... onto the great stuff:

Beautiful UI! LOVE the color scheme and graphics; you put a LOT of work into it! Great Job!
Lushi of The Quacked Clucking Amazers

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