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Sum2003 Midterm Review: Class Diagram

We would like to post our class diagram here. But for some reason we get the "Please enter your password" screen and then it does not allow us to upload.

if you're off-campus i know you need a password to upload, i can't remember it off the the top of my head. if you want to email me your uml i'll look at it, but the text description of one below looks pretty good, see if yours is simmilar :) -ellie harmon

Also, we are confused as to how we represent the grade attribute. As of now, we have Transcript inheriting from an OrderCollection which each Transcript object will have an instance variable of sectionCollection with acts like an OrderedCollection of Sections. However, we are not sure how to associate a grade with each of these Sections in the sectionCollection. We could just put a grade attribute in the Section class, but not all Sections will have a grade, like if we were to just list the Sections in a CourseCatolog, no grade would be associated with it, or is this attribute (grade) just not set for this case?

Here's what we got:

We have a Student class with variables aName and aID#. This class "has a" "1" Transcript (class). Transcript class "has a" "1.." Grade (class). Grade class "has a" "1" Section (class). Section class has variables aTime, aTerm, and numOfStudents. Section "has a" "1" Class (class). Class has variables aName, aNumber, and credits. Hopefully this makes sense!

Shouldn't the Grade (class) have some kinda methods or variables in it? like variables lettergrade and numbergrade and ranking or something like that :)

yes, i think grade should have a variable "numberGrade" or something. other than that sounds pretty good. -ellie harmon

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