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Born 2 Squeak

Team Members:
Irfan Kassam
Asif Ladak
Abiodun Otolorin
Donald Ali


Basic project overview: "The topic for the course this semester is slide shows and photo editors. You will build a slide show system that also allows for interactive editing of individual photos." The project was broken down into five milestones (two individual and three group milestones).

For more project information:


OOD: Good Design/ Good Abstraction makes integration fast and hassle-free especially when all team members follow the UML Diagram.

Cases page: Designate a person for researching potential materials for milestones. (Always research the cases page for reusable code ie. XML!)

Communication: Create and use your timeline efficiently. constant feedback can save a lot of time.

TA: Meet with a TA as a group before and after any major design decision is made. (it's simple, experience saves time). !!!xel

Specifications: Always review the specification as a group before and after any major design decision. Remember, look for nouns.

Requirement: Regular meetings in COC!

Below: Project documents and reusable code:
M5 Class Descriptions.doc
M5 Class Scenarios.doc
M5 SlideShowCRC.doc

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