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Chris Moss

Hello Everyone. This is Chris Moss's de facto homepage. You have found me (perhaps). If anyone has done a 'Netsearch using my name and is wondering whether they have found the right Chris Moss, I'll just put a few things here about me which will help nail it down for you:

I am the Chris Moss who went to Rogers and later NHS, and later still, Glendon, and yet later, Althouse at UWO.

I am the Chris Moss who went to Germany with the PAD in 1981. Remember Gerhard Schlüter and Martin Lochmann?

I am the Chris Moss who visited Australia in 1998. Remember Billy and Yasser?

I am the Chris Moss who went across Asia and Europe by rail in 2001.

I am the Chris Moss who has worked at Bouchereau, Poi Lam, ELS, Alcanta, COIC, and Huamei, not to mention the Markham Supercentre and Wonderland.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, here's my email address:

Thank you for visiting my homepage.

For the search engines: Christopher Moss Christopher J. Moss Christopher John Moss

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