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The Quacked Clucking Amazers UI For Review

Uploaded Image: amazers.ui.gif
Our program loads a plain text, semicolon delimited source file with all the catagories, thier sources, and the source URL. This file can be created/edited in a text editor.
The UI will read in the source file and display the catagories in a ListMorph onthe left. Selecting a Catagory loads it's souces on the right. Double clicking a Catagory makes it the primary source. On the right, double clicking a Source selects/deselects it.
You can save the source file with any file name to allow multiple prefrences (for multiple user's newspapers, perhaps?). Loading a source file from the UI is not implemented yet.

The Quacked Clucking Amazers

Please post feedback here

But what if I want the sources CNN and AccessAtlanta, but want Traffic as my primary category? CNN doesn't have Traffic. Do I have to select a category that CNN DOES have first, then select it, then make Traffic my primary?

The look of the lists is neat. Are they PluggableListMorphs or did you "roll your own"?
Mark Guzdial

Well, the interface is like so:
You click on a category, and then double-click on the sources
that you wish to have for that category. Double clicking on
a category will let you select that category as your primary
category. So, you can choose AccessAtlanta for a source for
traffic, but if you wanted CNN for traffic, you are out of
luck. CNN is still available as a source for other
categories, however.

The lists are PluggableListMorphs... We changed the
border color to, and the inside color to
Color.lightBlue. We then turned on the "rounded
corners" option...

Jamil Karim
How does someone find out about the click vs. double-click option?
Mark Guzdial

So we can add text without editing...
Yihsiu Chen was here.

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