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Squeak Times UI (1.0) For Review

We are Squeak Times:

Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/squeak_times_u...for_review.gif)

Please post feedback here

How is this implemented?
Are those buttons?
Are they easily changable (i.e. not hard coded)?
Can you add new catagories/sites easily? (if not through the UI, through the newssources file?)
Can you load a different newssources file?

I like the way it looks alot. The help file is a great idea.
Good Job!
Yisrael Lowenstein of The Quacked Clucking Amazers

Do y'all have a CoWeb page to point to, so that we know who you are? (Yeah, I see it in the Help file, but I'm a point-and-click kinda guy – I'd like to be able to check out the web pages of the people involved.)

The look is amazingly cool! Is your implementation flexible enough to support multiple selections (e.g., both a primary and secondary category)?

Very neat! Mark Guzdial

We don't have a coweb page setup yet, but we're advertised in the team-forming discussion here. We basically implemented most of the source selection view with PluggableButtonMorphs and AlignmentMorphs. The only hard-coding is a default method that sets up the default categories/news sources if a newssources.txt doesn't exist. That method parses a big string that is in the same format as what we save into an updated newssources.txt. So, even though hard-coded, it is easily maintainable. (We thought this would be simpler to turnin, as it is part of the image, not in some configuration file somewhere.) Being plain text, the newssources.txt file is easily modifiable. However, we are currently considering adding functionality to the chooser by which users can add categories/news sources interactively. Regarding multiple sections: we currently allow only a single selected primary "category". However, we are also currently considering adding "cascading" priorities (the ability to easily and intuitively specify which departments are higher "priority" than others). We're also considering several other major enhancements to this UI, since it appears we'll be able to easily re-use it for future milestones. Matthew Wolenetz
I'm also interested in the design decision to have multiple windows. The others we've seen so-far chose to do everything in one window. What made you decide to split it up this way? Mark Guzdial
We have been considering embedding the additional windows into a resizable main single window, but for the initial UI, we thought that the "news sources chooser" should be as encapsulated as possible to be as reusable as possible. Should the "front desk" really communicate all user choices to the "editor"? Or should the user ask the front desk to let him/her talk to the editor directly? We chose the latter, but we could (if we wanted to) embed both the editor and the front-desk into some main "newspaper office" window. As you can see, we were attempting to ground the UI in a real-world newspaper office as much as possible. Suppose someone didn't care to talk to the front desk and had a direct line to the editor? They could bring up only the window they wanted (or, at least, it wouldn't be hard to implement that functionality since we've pretty much separated the components into individual windows.) Matthew Wolenetz

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