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Spring 2000 UI Review

At this point, every group has created a user interface and handed it in, so there's no point in secrecy any longer.

In Architecture, they do something called a "pin-up" where students post their work (literally on a wall with pins), then others (peers, other teachers, visitors) can wander by and comment on the pin-ups.

Shall we do a pin-up? This is totally voluntary, but might be fun, and I for one would like to see what everyone came up with.

Here's the idea:

Mark Guzdial

Group's User Interfaces for Review:

Squeak Times: (version 1.5.9 morphic stock monitoring enabled) (version 1.5 web-based paper generation enabled) (version 1.1) (version 1.0)
The Quacked Clucking Amazers
Plug This
Order of the High Templar
Squeaking Loudly
Goo Times Inc
Technically Squeaking
e y e l l u s i o n s

Come on people, post your UI's! It's fun and productive! There have got to be like 50 groups and only 5 have posted!

Lushi>Yisrael (Lushi) Lowenstein

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