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Questions on Summer 2003 M5 Milestone

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Can we have just one html page?

As long as the slides change when you click the next or prev button and the text annotation changes and the sounds play, sure. Barbara Ericson

I know we have to do the text-to-speech in slideshow mode, but what about within the HTML pages?

In the HTML you can just display the text annotation (and not also do the text-to-speech). But, if there is a recorded sound associated with a slide you should play it.
Barbara Ericson

Does the slidehow have to be able to be played in HTML or is the user just going between slides?

The user can go to the next slide using the next button. Barbara Ericson

What about compatibility across browsers? I started using javascripts, but they currently only work in Internet Explorer?

You will be demoing M5 to your TA (required) so you can use the browser you want. It is okay to only make sure it works in IE. Include that restriction in any documentation you give your TA. Barbara Ericson

so if i have a delay of 5s, a sound file of 9s and a annotation that takes 7s how long should the slide be delayed? My question is should it wait for the sound file to be done playing. badle

If by sound file you mean a background sound then just wait for the annotation over the delay. If by sound file you mean an annotation for the slide then wait for the sound file to finish. Barbara Ericson

I thought you can only have a sound file or an annotation, but not both?

It is okay to only allow one or the other. But, it is more flexible to allow both. You can play both at the same time, but it may not sound very good. Barbara Ericson

lex made a post about it to the newsgroup. sound, background, and annotations can all play at the same time. which really sounds funny depending on the mix. badle

I can't figure out how to play mp3's or midi's using StreamingMP3Sound and MIDIFileReader. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

look in the book for midi's page 219. for streamingmp3sound it won't play every mp3... could be a conversion issue.. who knows but this little ditty of code will get an mp3 playing:
song := StreamingMP3Sound onFileNamed: 'song.mp3'.
song resumePlaying.
Thats it... just browse the heigharcy (sp?) on Streamingmp3sound to learn about other methods you can use. badle

So, a 'Squeak' slideshow could have a background sound, a sound annotation, and a text annotation, which gets text-to-speech converted all playing at the same time? We thought you could only have either a sound annotation, or a text annotation, but not both?

Again, it is okay to only have one or the other. But, if you allowed both that is okay too. You can play more than one thing at a time with Squeak. It just may not sound very good. Barbara Ericson

From the instructions, "allow the user to specify a textual annotation or a recorded sound (sound file) associated with individual slides." - i take that to mean only one

So what do you do if they have both????

If they have both sound annotation and text you can ask the user to pick what they want played or just make the decision to play the text-to-speech. If there is background music you must play that too. Barbara Ericson

How does one print a newline to a file? Using lf and/or crlf gives me an error.


Yes, cr will do it. Barbara Ericson

The text annotation doesn't have to be displayed in the slide editor window, correct? It just needs to be displayed underneath the slide? Thanks, ~Sabina Karkin

Yes, the text annotation should be editable when editing the slide.
Barbara Ericson

No, not cr. Newline as in ascii linefeed ('\n'). Anyone know how to directly specify a character by ascii value?

Anyone know how to get the system's file separator (like java's System.getProperty("file.separator"))?

Newline is ASCII linefeed in UNIX. In Squeak, the Enter key generates ASCII 13 (CR), because Squeak was originally developed on a Macintosh and that's newline on that platform. You can generate that with String cr. FileDirectory slash is the platform specific file delimeter as a string. (FileDirectory pathNameDelimiter is the character itself.) Mark Guzdial

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