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Questions on Summer 2003 M4 Milestone

Got questions? (Any good jokes?)

How do you setup CVS on lennon, so that all group members can have access to the CVSROOT? I have made the directory public, so that they have access, but whenever they enter "cvs update", it requires my password. Please help.

Setting up CVS can take an annoying amount of tinkering. In your case, you'll want to set the permissions so that everyone in your group can use it. Unfortunately, that means you need a group to use. Try emailing help@cc and see if they'll create a group with the desired users in it. Then, use "chgrp" to change all files and directories in your cvs repository to be a member of the desired group, use "chmod 660" on all files in the repository, and "chmod 2770" for all directories in the repository. This should give you a reasonable setup to start with. -Lex Spoon

You can also just set the permissions for other to 6 as well (chmod 666 for files, and chmod 777 for directories).
Ryan Bard

You probably don't want to, however, unless you trust every user

I'm having trouble deleting a ColorPickerMorph when I create it in a workspace. Why is this?

Ah yes, that's kinda lame. Well, you can drop it in a trash can and just do "abandon" in the debugger when it pops up. What is happening is that the picker is trying to tell someone the color it has chosen, but it doesn't have anyone to tell. Anyone want to fix this and send the changeset to ? You could probably fix it right within the debugger. -Lex Spoon

Any good jokes? Yeah, this class.

How do you set a TwoWayScrollPane to only show the scroll bars as needed? (I thought I found something on it like a month ago, but I might have just been sleep deprived, or on crack, b/c I can't find anything now.)

I'm hoping it's not retractible scrollbars (which I've been ignoring since it says it's not yet supported).

I'm having trouble with the thumbnails/ordering. Is the best approach to try and use BookMorph, or am I on the wrong track?

For the thumbnails and ordering, I would suggest using a PasteUpMorph. It can handle everything. Ankeet Patel

How do I display text on the gui as just a label, something the user can't edit, without scrollbars or be able to place the cursor and edit it? I tried PluggableTextMorph but that put scrollbars and allowed the user to edit the text. I tried TextMorph but my text wouldn't display (I tried changing the color; didn't work) and it was placed in a textbox. Any help is appreciated. Thanks ~Sabina Karkin

TextMorph is what you want. You can #lock it to prevent it from being edited. (And maybe there are other ways). There is also StringMorph, which is faster than TextMorph but it is extremely limited. -Lex Spoon

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