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Sum2003-M5: Slide Shows with Sound

Add a second way to create a slide show. create:withMusic: accepts a directory (as with create:) but now also accepts specification of a MIDI or MP3 file to be played in the background as the slide show plays. A third way to create a slide show createWithMusic: accepts only a directory but associates background music specified with the ordering information in the directory.

In edit mode, allow the user to specify a textual annotation or a recorded sound (sound file) associated with individual slides.

All of this information should be saved along with the ordering information in the directory: the background music, and the annotations (textual or recorded sound). Save the information even if the ordering tool isn't opened: Whenever an annotation is entered and the slide is saved, save the ordering and annotation information.

Also, add a button to translate your slide show with sound into a set of html pages. The pages should play the annotations and sounds associated with the images. The html pages should have next and previous buttons to move along to the next slide. Of course the order of slides in the html pages should match the saved order.

There are lots of details to get right here:

Once you have finished M5 you might even want to share your new tool with your friends. Check out
for how to distribute a Squeak application.

Ask Questions on Summer 2003 M5 Milestone

Turn-in your code using the Summer 2003 Turnin Information with the code 'M5'. Turn in a sample directory using background music, text annotations, and sound annotations as a zip file. (Please make sure that all the media is rated 'G' and could be played on network television during the Family Hour.) Turn in your design in-class. Each team must also demonstrate the working program to their TA!

Summer 2001 CS2340 did movie editors (instructed by your fearless TA Lex Spoon) and Spring 2002 did campus maps with text-to-speech tour information. Examples of both projects with working code that you're welcome to steal, er, re-use without honor code violation! are on the Cases page.


Note: If the TAs can't figure out how to do these things, they don't have to give you the points. The UI must be usable.

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