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Spring 2003 TA Announcements

This is a place for announcements dealing with office hours, grading policies, and grade updates.

T. Scott Saponas: office hours on 4/22 will start at 5:00pm

Lauren Rich: office hours cancelled on 4/22 because I have a doctor's appt. Email me to schedule M7 appointments and/or for anything else.

T. Scott Saponas: office hours on 4/17 will start at 1:30pm

Christophe Levand: on 04/16, office hours will end at 11:45 am.

T. Scott Saponas: office hours on 4/10 will start at 1:30pm

Lauren Rich: My office hours for Monday 3/24 are moved to 1-2 pm because I have to attend a luncheon from 11:30 am - 1 pm.

ellie harmon: sorry for the late notice, office hours today (thursday 2/27) will only be from 1-2.

Christophe Levand: I have slightly modified my Office hours. You should check on my swiki pages.

T. Scott Saponas: Tomorrow 12/20 i am shortening my office hours to 2-3. Also, I have new office hours Tues 4:30-6:30.

Lauren Rich: Due to a change in my class schedule, I'm changing my Mon. & Wed. office hours to 12-1 pm. I apologize for not getting this posted yesterday. Email me if you have any immediate needs and I can stay late today. (Wed. 2/19)

T. Scott Saponas: I've removed my tuesday office hours. They will be changed to another time in the week soon.

Lex Spoon: I'm changing my Thursday office hour to 12:30-1:30. I'll also be around today all morning. I apologize if this late notice causes anyone any trouble; I have car trouble and was going to move my hours just for today, but then realized the new time is a better one for me, anyway! (Thursday, Jan. 16)

Secrets about Documentation

Documentation is not just filling out short comments at the top of a method. So often, Squeak code will look like:
methodName: aParam
"It does something."
insert random squeak code here
^ true.

Though functional, it lacks much style and can be difficult for the TA to read when something breaks (but that NEVER happens) and (s)he has to fix it. So the above code block could be rewritten in an extra two minutes to be:
methodName: aParam
"Purpose: methodName checks the widget validity of aParam
Parameters: aParam [Integer]
Thrown Errors: aParam != Integer
Return values: true if aParam is a widget, false if otherwise."

insert random squeak code here
^ true.

Also, Classes have description areas that need to be filled in. When you open a system browser and select a class, there are three buttons directly under the class name: Instance, ?, and Class. Click on the ? button. If you notice, there is a template (assuming you clicked on a brand new class) that you can follow to give a brief description of what this class is and how it operates. Many students lose points for not filling this class description out.

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