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Spring 2003 Announcements

CS2340 Announcements for Spring 2003

I have added some network coding hints/examples to m5. If you are having trouble getting started with sending and receiving web information you might find this helpful.
- T. Scott Saponas

Class Descriptions are required for M5, M6, and M7. For a good example of class descriptions, go to this case page:

Groups have been assigned to teaching assistants. Look for your group on the turnin swiki.

At the bottom of the Further M3 explanation page I added some explanation about portfolios.
T. Scott Saponas

I added a link under Scott's for an explanation of scenarios. You can get to it at About Scenarios. I hope this helps clear up some of the questions people have of this requirement.
Jonathan D'Andries

I have added a link on M3 that further explains some of the terminology used in M3.
Further M3 explanation
T. Scott Saponas

There was a mistake made on the Spring 2003 Class Schedule page. The due date for Milestone 2 was marked as February 4. The actual due date for Milestone 2 is February 6. The page now has been changed.

Don't forget the quiz tomorrow (16 January). The quiz will last about 15 minutes and is open book. Be aware that if you need to use the book, you probably cannot finish in the alloted time. There will be two questions. The first is a coding question testing your ability to handle basic smalltalk syntax. You will basically write a method to do some simple algorithm. The second question will test your knowledge of how smalltalk operates (i.e how messages get sent, how stuff gets evaluated, the 6 rules of smalltalk, other stuff like that)

Don't forget the second quiz tomorrow (30 January). The quiz will last about 15 minutes and be open book again. It will have 2 questions, one on collections and one on Joe-the-Box type graphics. They are both coding questions.

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